Limited Edition Tornado GR4

This sculpture of a Tornado GR4 is cast in steel which has been smelted from decommissioned Tornado 27mm Mauser cannons.
We have been working on this project for the past twelve months with RAF Tornado GR4 aircrew, RAF Marham.

The first 300 sculptures will be mounted on a RB199 blade, itself mounted on a block of solid hardwood from the Sandringham estate.
The key point about the project is the provenance of the materials used - an opportunity to own a piece of Tornado.

The image above is the "Fully Loaded" version, which features 2250L underwing tanks, BOZ, AIRCM and two under-fuselage Stormshadow missiles, mounted on a titanium RB199 engine blade. Shown alongside the jet is a cannon breech - this is one of the main components from which the edition is being cast.

This is the clean version, without the stores, tanks or missiles.

Each Tornado is laser-engraved with a unique Serial Number on top of the tail, in a similar style to the current fleet.
Both examples shown here are nickel plated steel, a silvered steel finish is also available to order.

Tornado Sculpture



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Current delivery time for Tornados is approximately 12 weeks.
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